2-Methyl-2-thiopseudourea sulfate
O-Methylisourea Hemisulfate
Guaiacol glycidyl ether
N-(2,6-Diphenylmethyl)-1-piperazine acetylamine
About Us

Jinan Orgachem Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech chemical products manufacturer, which specializs in researching and development, producing, selling and technical services of chemical raw materials, intermediates. We have strong technical force and own a research center, which make us have quite strong R & D capabilities.

The company always insists the enterprise purpose of "customer first, striving for excellence", adhers to the company spirit of "market as the guide, technology as the core, talent as fundation, innovation as soul". After several years’development, we have been accumulated abundant technical strength, created a high-quality workforce, equipped with advanced modern office equipments, realized the integration of information, services and products. The company has adopted advanced production technology and equipment, established multi-purpose workshops, developed a series of competitive products. At present, the main products are: 3-mercaptopropionic-1.2.4-triazole(cas:3179-31-5),Thiosemicarbazide(cas:79-19-6),O-methylisourea sulfate(cas:52328-05-9),Creatine phosphate disodium salt(cas:922-32-7),Adiphenine hydrochloride(cas:50-42-0),Butoconazole nitrate(cas:64872-77-1),Arbidol hydrochloride(cas:131707-23-8), Diisopropylamine dichloroacetate(cas:660-27-5),Roflumilast(cas:162401-32-3), Levetiracetam(cas:102767-28-2),Memantine hydrochloride(cas:41100-52-1), Rabeprazole sodium(cas:117976-90-6),Guaiacol glycidyl ether(2210-74-4), Ranolazine(cas:95635-55-5),Enoxacin(cas:74011-58-8),Mono-methyl terephthlate(1679-64-7),Rosuvastatin calcium(cas:147098-20-2),Sitagliptin(486460-32-6),Repaglinide(cas:135062-02-1),Clarithromycin(cas:81103-11-9),Glimepiride(cas:93479-97-1),Glycinamide hydrocloride(cas:1668-10-6),etc.

Based on the leading technology and production management, through various channels and ways, the company has been established win-win business relationship with domestic and foreign customers. We warmly welcome people from around the world visit us! 

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